Welcome to the Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca. Universalism is a religious belief that allows for the existence of truth in a multitude of places. Eclectism is the practice of taking from many places. In UEW, we have a habit of saying "Whatever Works!*" What we encourage is experimentation and exploration towards those things in your religious life that work and letting go of those things that don't. UEW defines Wicca as any religion that calls itself Wicca, AND believes in a god/force/power/whatever that is either genderless, both genders or manifests as a male/female polarity that we agree to call "the Lord and Lady." AND upholds the Five Points of Wiccan Belief.

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*When we say "Whatever Works" it does not mean just grab any old thing and the kitchen sink, put it together and call it Wicca if it feels good to you. We mean what works for you after careful evaluation, study and experimentation within the context of Wicca.


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