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Welcome to our informational pages on the Coven of the Far Flung Net. If you are interested in joining CFFN, it is essential that you carefully read the following pages so that you know exactly what to expect. CFFN was the internet's first true online coven when it was chartered in 1997. Its mission statement was to teach the first two circles of Universal Eclectic Wicca, a Wiccan tradition that teaches a strong core of Wiccan practice with the expectation that students will master the basics while learning to tailor their practices to their individual needs -in other words, ethical and responsible eclecticism- eclecticism that begins with an understanding of the core values and theology of Wicca and differs from that core by choice, not chance. In other words, a student of UEW may choose to do things completely differently from the core, but they wouldn't do so until they understood why that core was there and had a good reason to differ from it.

To say the general Wiccan community has changed demographically since 1997 is one heck of an understatement, and CFFN has changed to meet the new demographic, but not to serve it. The material is harder, the format stripped down, the web site non-flashy, the rules a bit sterner and entrance not assured to all people by a long shot... We are here with one mission, to teach the first two circles of UEW to those who by choice or by chance can't interact off line with a CUEW teacher. We are not here to be a Wiccan degree factory,  a place to meet people, a way to swell the ranks of CUEW with people whose interest in Wicca isn't more than a passing fancy... We are here to serve as a teaching coven, a place where one goes temporarily to learn a distinct set of data that they can then use as they need to tailor their practices or become a part of a community. CFFN is a program you go through, not stay in indefinitely.

There are those who fault CUEW for its lack of fees. They say that since you get what you pay for the fact that we are free, and have always been free, means you get nothing. This could not be further from the truth. You pay for CUEW and CFFN, and we don't mean the one time $5 fee that qualified North Americans may chose to pay to belong to the Clergy Association (which pays for state paperwork and their email account and is the ONLY fee in CUEW's whole organization) we mean that you pay in work, dedication, and community service. You don't pay money, but you do pay in time and effort. We don't want you here unless you are willing to spend a few hours a week on your lessons, turn things in on time and actually try to learn something.

CFFN is an online program. As such, it is expected that you have a high level of "Internet Savvy" including navigational skills, ability to send plain text email, and ability to bookmark Internet sites. You should also be the kind of person who checks their email at least once every other day. As ours is one of the most academically oriented programs available, we expect a very high level of reading comprehension, and ability to express oneself clearly and accurately in writing. This is the reason for our entrance assignment. You will learn more about the assignment as you continue reading.

IMPORTANT: If you are a monotheist, believe "all Gods are one God and all Goddesses are one Goddess," want spells, want attention from your peers, or can't withstand a rigorous academic debate on issues you may or may not agree with, including your favorite Wiccan authors, you will not be happy in CFFN. Please keep this in mind. Before considering applying to CFFN, please ensure you have several hours per week available to you to do your lesson work, as well as a functional computer, Internet access, and email addresses. DO NOT turn in an Entrance Assignment if you are under 18, have been thrown out of CFFN previously for any reason, are currently incarcerated or living with parents who would not appreciate your being in the group, or if you don't understand general "Netiquette" including not sending html'ized emails (yuck!)

If you are still interested, please click continue, below, to find out more about CFFN, what it is, what it does, how it works, and how to enter. Make sure you've read this whole page first. We'd also like to remind you that if you have issues with our principles, there are hundreds of places to learn Wicca online, and many are certainly open to your membership. We choose to serve the people we CAN serve because there are others who can serve the rest.

If you have read the whole page, please continue.


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